Circular Knits Division

The company is also running four lines for fine knits with a capacity of 10,00,000 pieces per annum.

We are manufacturing different categories of fine knits including solid and auto striper Polos , sweatshirts and joggers with different ranges of fabrics like cotton ,cotton-polyester ,indigo and fleece being among the many.

Fabric for circulars is all being manufactured in-house using the best of machinery in this category from FUKHUHARA. From two color striper to 12 color striper there is nothing that cannot be made on these machines. The finest technology in this category till now.

Running more than 100 machines into four lines with the best of specialized machinery being used for different critical operations increasing the efficiency of productivity and to maintain consistency in the product.

Made from BCI cotton, we manufacture the best and premium quality t-shirts with value additions.

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